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OVERVIEW                           My history of working in different organizational types, industries and countries, has provided me with a

                                              broad base of experience and strong business acumen. I offer process expertise, deep financial

                                              comprehension, in combination with great Business Development skills and an inexhaustible energy level.

Expertise:                              Sales, Marketing and Corporate, Business and Product Development

Accomplishments:                 VW Certified Pre-Owned program development, launch and growth - Completely mitigated wholesale portfolio losses of +$20M/month, within 24 months

                                                   VW Corporate Sales program development, launch and growth - $50M year one, $200M year two and over $500M year three

                                                   Yahoo U.S. Hispanic - Founding member of the Field sales team, serviced 75 key accounts and grew revenue YoY $5M

                                                   Yahoo | P&G Founding member of the global team - Executed Joint Business Planning (JBP) and built executive partnership relationship 

                                                   Yahoo | P&G London Summer Olympic Games / Thank you Mom - Developed, proposed, won and supported execution of the largest global Digital Marketing initiative

                                                         to date, with over 20B impressions being delivered across 15 countries, supporting 50+ custom videos (Raising an Olympian), within a 21 day flight. 

                                                   2012 recipient of the Yahoo Superstar Team Leader award

                                                   Yahoo | P&G Sochi Winter Olympic Games / Thank you Mom - Won the renewal and executed 10B impressions being delivered across 5 countries, supporting

                                                         24 custom videos, over a 60 day flight.

                                                   2013 recipient of the Yahoo Superstar Team Leader award

                                                   Yahoo | P&G Programmatic Initiative - Executed global data-sharing and implemented automated programmatic buy/sell in 15 countries


Contact Information:             P_J_Mcfall@yahoo.com, (248) 462 - 9704, 13583 Hyde Rd., Hartland, MI 49357

                                                                 LinkedIn Address: https://www.linkedin.com/PatrickJamesMcFall